Love Me Some Icing! (It’s all in the shortening)

I love me some icing! (I totally spoke that in a white trailer trash drawl)

Icing can get pretty sickly sweet after awhile. There is a “hack” for that though. You know when you go to the bakery and the icing you get on your cupcake has a slightly different texture to the icing your Mum makes? Its kinda silky, not as sweet – slips off the tongue like a bold faced lie… oh maybe that’s just me then. 😉

Anyway, that bakery icing is different – its made with shortening. I’m from Canada, apart from being awesome at everything, we use shortening in all our baking, and it gives a superb result (of course it does, we are awesome). It makes the flakiest pastry, gives a richness to cakes and that velvety soft finish to icing. In Australia its a little harder to come by, but I highly suggest if you are going to be trying my recipes, you get some and leave it in the cupboard, you will be using it a lot! It doesn’t need to refrigerated and it has a year long date on the stuff, just get it already!

So, where to get it. Well, You can buy Crisco (not the oil) shortening in Australia in 3 places online, USA foods by clicking here, O’Canada shop by clicking here or Ebay by clicking here. Crisco is a superior product but the postage can be exxy, if you don’t mind that, I would get it over the others. There is a Australian product called Solite available in cake shops. Its very expensive as they only sell it in 250g containers normally. If you have access to a cash and carry, they would carry a shortening, but it would be under a different brand name – Pilot Crème shortening is the one my cash and carry in Kalgoorlie sells. Its only 70 dollars for 15kg so if you have a co – op or a group of friends to share with, even better. You can freeze it too, in fact I use it from frozen for pastry – so no excuses not to stock up on this stuff! Its 50% less saturated fat than butter too. But butters good for you, so that’s a moot point.

There is also a readily available bargain basement shortening available from Coles, IGA’s and even my local store!. It’s called Frymasta Edible Vegetable Shortening. It’s the YELLOW wrapper one, not the RED wrapper one. The only issue is its not quite as snow white as whipped shortening so if you are wanting a super white icing, you might not want to use this. I always have some on hand as I use it for pastry and cakes where the colour doesn’t matter. Its available by clicking here.

Do not use Copha. Its not the same and its hard work to get it to a useable state.

So check out my recipe for Mock Cream Icing (link here).  Its fantastic for piping. Its stable, so can sit out on that picnic table or bench while the party is going, even on warm days. It’s silky and glossy, everything icing should be. You can make it and have it sit in your fridge for weeks in an airtight container, just ready to chuck on some last minute cupcakes. You can tint it, flavour it – the possibilities are endless. You can also use it to fill eclairs and jam donuts – its just so versatile, you will love it!

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