A Penis Cake. Yes, you heard right.

So I get an email from my friend on Wednesday…

Hey.  Any chance you could make a nice cake (not chocolate) for Eddies birthday and drop it to the central on Sunday?

Normally no problem, but I have a really busy weekend planned culminating with a thermomix demo being hosted at my place on Sunday, so…

What time does it have to be at the central? I have the thermomix demo on Sunday and won’ t be done that until 3pm by the time I clean up etc. Plus I suck at decorating hahahah

Turns out it doesn’t have to be at the Central until late, so I can do it – problem is, I still suck at decorating cakes. Other problem – Eddie doesn’t actually really like cake or sweets that much, so just doing a nice yummy cake isn’t something he is going to be excited about.

Eddie is a great guy, he’s super funny and I love him to bits, he reminds me a lot of my brother. So this is a problem, because I want to do something he will be excited about ie. find funny. That means a novelty cake. God. Damn. I’ve never actually done a novelty cake.

I like to think I am creative. So a while back I thought I might like to get into fondant icing work as it looked kinda cool and might be a relaxing sort of hobby for me. As per usual I spent about 3 or 4 hundred dollars buying all the crap and accessories to do it and then when it came time to ACTUALLY do it, I realised 3 things:

1) It was a lot harder than it looked. I looked up a tutorial on the cutest little fondant lion you have ever seen. 3 hours later I had a rather alarming shade of orange blob with marshmallow legs and a rictus grin you would normally see on a corpse. Absolutely fucking nailed the yellow hair on top though. #ownedit

2) No matter how many accessories you have, its not enough. I could literally spend tens of thousands of dollars on this little “relaxing” hobby and still need a plunger that popped out mini boobs for that one cake.

3) I get bored really easily. Packed all that shit away and filed it in the too hard basket ages ago.

Anyway, nothing I like more than a challenge, and pressure. I work really well under pressure. So, lets do a novelty cake. Only two things blokes find funny, dicks and farts. Not gonna get a fart on a cake, so a penis cake it is. I google penis cake. Wow, that is an eye opener.

Anyway, I find one that looks like something I could  do out of fondant and I set about making this cake, using this pic as my guide, last night.


At 1am this morning – 7 hours after I started this goddamn cake, I finished! I am actually proud of it as I don’t think its that bad for a first attempt! And Last. lol. I really hope Eddie likes it. 🙂

penis1  penis3

P.s – if you are on this blog and you know Eddie… shhhhhh 😉

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