A short intro from Serena


So, this site has been around for a couple of years now. Time I updated the intro I think.

I’m Serena. I am a hobby cook and baker. I also try to teach myself cake decorating but quite frankly, thats alot harder than it looks. lol

I owe my interest in food and the creation of it to my two grandmothers – My Mum’s mum Vivian (rip) who loved to bake and feed her grandkids. I loved going to my Nan’s house, it was a standing joke that she always used to say I was her favourite grandaughter, when I was in fact her ONLY grandaughter for the longest time. haha.. she was a tough independent woman and I see that now, but at the time she was just “Nan” and I loved being with her. I think of her every time I bake, as she used to make some incredble sweets. Her banana bread was to die for and her cherry coconut balls at Christmas were a favourite. She also made the best home made fish and chips ever.

My Dad’s Mum, Mary, who is 93 years old this year taught me all about pastry, pie making and how to cook meat – pot roasts, rabbit pie and so on. I also learned to cook lobsters and mussels at our yearly family picnic. My absolute favourite though was her cherry cheesecake. She used to hide the biscuit barrel when I came to visit but i always found it. Another very tough incredibly inspiring woman.

So this blog is just for pleasure. I sometimes don’t post for ages, then I have a little spurt. I’m time poor like most people and I never wanted this to feel like a chore. So if you follow the blog, a recipe will pop up now and again, no rhyme reason or time..haha, Enjoy!


Serena x


  1. Kriss says:

    Oh my I have just tasted the Chocolate Devils food cake that I baked…. it is amazing, Thank you for sharing your creations with us – keep them coming 🙂


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