A short intro from Serena


Welcome to Can’t.Stop.Baking. I am Serena, and I am at war with myself every day. See, I need to lose weight, but I just Can’t.Stop.Baking.

I love food. All those corny clichés apply to me – food for the soul, a taste and touch adventure, a journey.. I am at my happiest when I’m in a kitchen, stirring, blending, chopping – creating.

I currently spam my own facebook page with my cooking photos. Whilst I don’t have a problem with this, and many people seem to (lol), It does get hard to keep track of recipes and I tend to forget about them once they slip down the page. So this blog is also a practical solution for me to be able to access my own recipes, and for others – as I often get asked to share.

Most of my recipes are actually creations in my head. They don’t always turn out but I’m not quite so quick to share those.. haha! Anyway, I do have some successes and by subscribing to this blog you can view, print, save recipes and ask questions and basically interact with my awesome self. You are welcome 😀

I like interaction, let me know you have been, post comments and questions as often as you like. If you have changed or tweaked a recipe and its a success, let me know! If its a failure, keep that shit to yourself. 😉


Serena x


  1. Kriss says:

    Oh my I have just tasted the Chocolate Devils food cake that I baked…. it is amazing, Thank you for sharing your creations with us – keep them coming 🙂


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